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You deserve to be held with loving-kindness, attention and care

Are you starving for physical contact and intimacy?

Are you lonely or suffer from depression, anxiety, or PTSD?

Need a safe space to talk things out and be heard?

Cuddle Me Close is a professional therapeutic cuddling service created to provide a safe environment where people can satisfy their need for touch and affection in a healthy non-sexual way.  

Society is becoming more and more removed from the most basic need for touch. Our dependency on technology plays into it as does consent culture. How we are connecting, dating, and sharing intimacy has changed. On one hand, the "me-too" movement empowers people to have authorship over their bodies and they are encouraged to speak up and use their voice, but the downside is that people have become increasingly fearful of touching people inappropriately or giving the wrong impression. As we become more aware and educated on what consent is and how to practice it we must become skillful communicators. Cuddling is a space where you can practice exploring personal boundaries,  strengthen communication skills and, improve interpersonal relationships.

If you are new to cuddling as a service it can be intimidating at first. Where do I begin? What does a session look like? What do we do? Please visit our FAQ section to find out more.

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