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"Amanda is an expert cuddler. She showed me cuddling positions I have never seen before and I loved them! As well, she is very caring, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. Feel free to talk to her about anything! She's a great listener. I loved our time together and look forward to the next time I see her." Alex 

"Amanda I have just got home. You are beyond any experience I had. So soft and huggable. Thank you plenty! I feel very much different from before the session." Abdu

"A beautiful session with a beautiful soul.  Amanda is professional, welcoming, and creates a great space for healing and acceptance. Highly recommend :)!"  

"Imagine you are invited into a new realm/space or dimension, you can/can't expect what is ahead... The session was indeed super unique, every moment and interaction...there is something about Amanda and her guide/energy and cuddling that transcends those aspects. I highly recommend, but expect more than a A+ and an outworldly experience :) Rhoomi"

"One of the best session i ever had. Thank you Amanda!" Vic

"Amanda is truly a great and expert cuddler with an incredible skill and energy to provide you with an enhanced and relaxing experience. I honestly wished I had met Amanda earlier because she brings an amazing level of warmth and energy that is rare. She is very perceptive and ensures you are taken care of and is a good listener as well. Strongly recommend her expertise to anyone looking for a professional who needs the warmth and the touch of a truly evolved and sweet natured human. -Kevin"


Blown away by how prepared Amanda was and with her professionalism. She was very welcoming, kind, caring and attentive. Made me feel right at home. I have a feeling this will be the first of many visits to come. Thank you, Amanda! :) JK

"I had an amazing session with Amanda. She has a way of making you feel relaxed and comfortable. I felt rejuvenated and energized after our session. Thank you!!! SCB"

"It's like getting a massage, but for your heart and soul" Alexandra

A truly amazing cuddle experience from extraordinary soul. Amanda's power of touch would release the stress, cure the sadness, and made me feel cared for, When the world seems to be so distant, so full of pressure, just hold her tight, and everything would feel all right. Snuggle to her close, let her warmth give the power to conquer the demand of this world Thank you for an extraordinary session, and for helping me with your healing touch. Highly recommended! N. Li

"I must say, my time with you was unlike anything I had experienced before.

When I came to see you I had no idea what to expect.and I had a lot of uncertainties within me.

The way you molded the situation into something so beautiful was truly extraordinary.

My mind has a habit of wandering around and cultivating negative thoughts, but as I was laying there with you wrapped around each other, I was living at the moment. There were no past memories haunting me, neither was I creating unpleasant scenarios in my head. All I felt was peace as your soft hand brushed across my chest, slowing down my anxious heart, and your leg wrapped around mine anchoring me from the sensation of falling down.

Whenever someone is nice to me I have the habit of going into defensive mode, thinking about the person's ulterior motive, but with you it was different, it felt genuine. Everytime you hummed in my arms, it made me feel loved, it made me feel wanted. I thought to myself, here is someone who is happy to be with me.

When we talked, I did not feel the need to put on any filters and felt like I could be myself. I was awed by your incredible ability to create quality conversation, days could have passed by as I laid there talking to you and I would not notice.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a memory I will never forget, a safe place that I can close my eyes and go to when I am depressed.

With lots of love


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