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Cuddle Me Close
Therapeutic Cuddling

Experience the benefits of affection and healing touch

Need a private cuddle?

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Cuddle Me Close is a professional therapeutic cuddling service created to provide a safe environment where people can satisfy their need for touch and affection in a healthy non-sexual way. If you’ve been lacking touch, attention, feel lonely or just want an emotional connection cuddling may be the right fit for you!


We cover Toronto, and nearby cities, please email us for details.

Who Comes for Cuddles?

People from all walks of life book private cuddling sessions. While each person has different needs and desires here are some of the main reasons people seek out this service:

*To relax and forget about the daily stresses of life

*To connect with others more intimately to feel less lonely

*To practice the art of receiving attention and care (no strings attached). If you are someone who is always caring for someone else cuddling is a perfect way to get the attention and care you deserve.

*To explore different types of touch and find out what your preferences are.

*To have a safe place where you can talk about your feelings, be listened to and not judged.

*To practice exploring personal boundaries,  strengthen communication skills and improve interpersonal relationships.

*To learn to appreciate physical contact despite autism spectrum or antisocial personality disorders.

*To learn ways to love yourself through self-care and personal growth opportunities

*To heal from attachment disorders, trauma, and childhood wounds. 

Benefits of Cuddling 

Research shows that cuddling has several benefits.

Strengthen Your


The same way cuddling bonds new mothers and fathers to their babies, cuddling can bring you closer to your partners and deepen relationships.

Get Better Sleep

Cuddling can help in reducing and even curing insomnia. People who have sleep disorders can be helped by a nurturing cuddle. Cuddling soothes your nervous system, relaxes you giving you a good peaceful sleep.

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Strengthen Your

Immune System

Cuddling strengthens the immune system by stimulating the thymus gland, which regulates and balances the body’s production of white blood cells, which keep you healthy and disease free.

Decrease Food Cravings

Studies show  when it comes to the psychological side of stress eating  Oxytocin, or the "cuddle hormone" is powerful in reducing the desire to eat for pleasure. It can increase the feeling of being satiated which will limit the need for reward-based eating. 

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Name, Title

Boost Important Happiness Hormones

Oxytocin – often called the “love hormone” – is a neurotransmitter that acts on the limbic system, the brain’s emotional center, promoting feelings of contentment and reducing anxiety and depression.

Soothe Anxiety and

the Nervous System

Cuddling helps us to balance the nervous system. Even a simple hug, pat on the back, and a friendly handshake are processed by the reward center in the central nervous system, which is why they can have a powerful impact on the human psyche, making us feel happiness and joy… 

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